A new way to manage an account - without a bank!


WeCard present:

Forget everything you know about managing a bank account in a traditional banking system.

 WeCard present to you a new way of managing an account and receiving financial services and products, without the need of a mediating bank

Payroll payments

Transfer employee salaries payments by loading their wallets or cards.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets for managing a multi-currency €, $, ₪ account without the need for an actual bank

Transfer money

Transfer money from the Digital wallet to bank accounts in Israel or abroad.


Transfer money between Wallets.


Currency conversions

It is important for us to let you know: WeCard is actually a smart APP with a linked Pre-Loaded VISA card that is a real substitute for the traditional bank account, and through it you can perform a wide range of financial activities such as cash withdrawals, payment to businesses in Israel and abroad, secure online purchase transactions, and transfers between bank accounts and/or digital wallets.

WeCard – Who can benefit from it?

The financial solutions offered to you by WeCard can be tailored to anyone interested in managing an account without the need for an intermediary bank. On the list of main targeted audiences, you can find:

Using WeCard the employer can pay the worker’s salary while waiving other payment options such as cash and checks, thus leading to significant savings in time and direct costs. This payment is made via digital wallet that is connected to a pre-loaded VISA card issued by MAX. There are 3 pre-loaded cards available to choose from according to the type of currency required: NIS, Euro, or US Dollar. It is important to note that through this payment, salary recipients can convert the funds into another currency and/or transfer the wage money directly from the designated wallet app to a bank account in Israel and abroad, thereby effectively waiving the interim stages offered by the currency exchangers and other financial intermediaries.

People who do not have a bank account for any reason, including mistrusting the institutionalized banking system, past and present bank defaulters who encounter various barriers in opening a bank account through the banking system – all the financial operations that can be carried out through WeCard are independent of the existence and/or absence of a current account in one of the commercial banks operating in Israel!

People who wish to maintain a separate expense account within the framework of household management to achieve better financial control. WeCard enables you to reload the amounts required for the payment of different bills, and in fact will serve as a means of control for smarter financial management.

Travel expense account for employees of international companies.

Safe alternative to cash, based on the provisions of the law to reduce the use of cash.

WeCard - All the advantages of a digital wallet & smart loading card

WeCard enables each one of its clients to enjoy a wide range of financial and consumer intelligence benefits:

WeCard enables a variety of financial transactions without having to maintain an active account.

WeCard is an optimal solution for customers who were limited in the past and/or present and encounter various difficulties and barriers through the banking system.

WeCard enables operational convenience at any given time, without relying on bank and branches operation hours.

WeCard allows participation in customer and consumer clubs that offer discounts and benefits like any club operated by the financial companies in Israel.

WeCard customers have access to a dedicated and secure multi-currency digital wallet application that enables, among other things, banking transactions and viewing transaction data in wallets and cards. The application includes full support in English and other languages for foreign clients.

WeCard provides a smart way to manage your finances.

In the event of theft/loss of the card, the card can be immediately blocked through the application, with the remaining money in the card being transferred directly to the card holder’s secured electronic wallet.


These and other benefits make WeCard the most convenient, advanced and comprehensive payment method of its kind for each and every one of you who wishes to maintain an account outside the institutional and commercial banking system.

A few words about the technology behind WeCard

The technology behind WeCard is based on the most advanced solutions in the field of FINTECH (Financial Technology) which is considered today as one of the most advanced technology fields in the industry, combining the high-tech world with the financial world.

In order to operate it services, WeCard has developed various cutting edge systems for both the service provider and the customer, including:

A dedicated IOS and Android application on cellular infrastructure through which you can load or unload the card, transfer & convert funds between wallets, and other activities such as checking the balance of the card, viewing the transactions, blocking the card if necessary, code recovery, and so on. To develop these systems, WeCard has invested considerable resources (both economic and technological) in order to ensure secure online operation at the highest level.

It is important to know: for our WeCard Payroll settlement customers who employ foreign and local employees and use WeCard Payroll services we have developed a unique and secure Employer Web Portal for easy and convenient distribution of all salaries at the click of a button, and, it is free!

WeCard is fully compliant with regulations, supervised and holds a Financial Service Provider license from the Israeli Capital Market Authority number 58194.

Currently, the Company is acting to promote its activities and finalize licenses that will enable it to expand the scope of financial services and products offered to our clients, including additional financing products, distribution of overseas cards, establishment of joint ventures with local financial entities in different target countries around the world, and other actions.

Want to learn more about the financial solutions offered to WeCard clients? We invite you to contact us today and learn about the financial services and products offered to WeCard clients who are already managing an account without any real need of a bank …

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